Helping Hands

Every Monday, I meet with this club to discuss local and global issues to raise awareness and most of the time raise funds. We break up into sub-committees during the week that apply to specific issues and have different ways of fundraising. Through toy drives where we collect brand new toys for families that cannot afford them and Day of Silence where we raise awareness on the effects of bullying towards the LGBTQ community, we get all of the students involved in helping out the community. Helping Hands has made giving back to the community a fun and interactive experience where I have also been able to learn many skills to help charities. Through this program I also felt the rewarding experience of giving back to the community hands on through Thanksgiving at Sunnyside where I served the elderly and held deep conversations with them. I am very proud to have taken part in this club and hope that my service continues throughout my life. 

Parent teacher Conference

During PTC I worked with my classmates to attend to the teachers needs and organize a schedule. I also had to work with parents in making sure they got to see their children's teachers on time. I have been doing this for many years at BSGE and the service part comes in to play in this activity by volunteering my time to make sure the school event ran smoothly and and the parents and teachers left satisfied. 

Service hours are all about giving back to the community in any way possible. I am able to view different perspectives and explore my different areas in order to achieve a beneficial experience to the community. 


This is my CAS website where I will complete reflections and post pictures to show my progress and impact on my community.