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This is my CAS website where I will complete reflections and post pictures to show my progress and impact on my community. 


Yearbook has helped me explore my creative side and improve my designing skills. The first couple meetings involved group opinions in what style we wanted for our senior yearbook. In this club I was able to voice my opinion and get into valuable conversations with my peers that have turned into stunning pages and memories for the yearbook. I have also extended my time besides club meetings by choosing superlatives with classmates and taking pictures of the lower classmen. Another responsibility of mine has been gathering old pictures from when my grade was younger to show our transition throughout the years. The creativity aspect has really come into play this year as I have my own pages to design, making sure they look nice and flow with the rest of the yearbook. I have had some difficulties coming into agreement with all the members of the club at once on the soccer spread but in the end it has come together nicely. 


Creativity hours involve the arts and experiencing with one's creative side. Many different products can be created with the ability of leaving the art up for interpretation. 

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